Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's time to get telehealth to everyone who needs it

From Steve Hards at TA, but worth repeating...
The studies of tens of thousands of patients show the value of e-care and frankly, we don't need "further study" and decades and billions of dollars more before implementing e-care models that are already here today. We simply don't have the time to delay any further, especially when so many people do not have access to any care today, face-to-face or electronic.'  Eric Dishman, Intel Fellow, Digital Health Group

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Med-Surg RN said...

As an initial skeptic of telehealth, I can now see the tremendous benefits of its use especially for the homebound, chronically ill and those unable (for a variety of reasons)to travel easily for medical appointments (i.e., prisoners or patients in rural areas). I think telehealth and ehealth will slowly and eventally be fully incorporated into the medical field, but those of you who have been actively involved and advocating for its usefulness for a long time, I can certainly understand your frustrations and disappointments.
Med-Surg RN