Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Nursing web site

Dear Nursing Colleague

I am writing to invite you to become a VIP member of a new website I

Aiming to launch on 1 July

It is called ‘Community Nurses Network’ and, under the slogan of

‘Harnessing the knowledge of nurses outside hospital settings’, my aim

is to provide a forum for both learning and mutual support. What I

have said in the introduction to the site is "Nurses who work in

hospitals have easy access to a large number of people who share

experiences, but if you are working in the community that has been

really hard". Clearly, there are hundreds of thousands, if not

millions, of our colleagues in this position, and I want to develop

this site to be of real value to them.

One of the member's benefits will be to read blogs or articles from

experts. (i.e. You!) In return for your input, I am happy to offer you

a lifelong VIP membership, with full access to the site's facilities,

free of charge. This will be a great profile-building opportunity and,

if you have a book or other nursing-related materials to promote, you

If you visit the site now, you will see it is thin and still

very much under construction, but you can sign up for your VIP account

- see instructions below.

In fact, please sign up before July 2- even if you cannot commit to

writing something before that - because we will have to remove the VIP

signup before the public launch. Although, of course would be great if

you could read and get something going on the site before we launch it.

The web address is

I look forward to meeting up with you on site, perhaps in one of the

chat rooms! Any comments, feedback and suggestions about the site

before the launch can be sent to both me and my colleague who is

administering the site, Steve Hards (email or

Bob Pyke Jr., RN, NP

VIP Account Sign Up Instructions

To sign up for your VIP account, visit the site:

and just follow a link to join up, create your profile, then email my

Colleague Steve Hards at

He will upgrade you to the VIP membership and send you some pointers on

Setting up your profile or adding a blog or article, etc.