Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Report: Teleconsulting Can Be Used To Assess Stroke Patients Remotely

A report in the journal Stroke finds that mobile teleconsulting is a viable way to assess remotely located stroke patients but that hospital-based landline systems would provide better quality communications. The study involved two stroke centers and 14 hospitals in Germany. Reuters Health.

Wi-Fi Keeps Patients and Families Connected

December 19, 2008] Georgetown University Hospital's free Wi-Fi and the Web service CaringBridge ease hospital stays by giving patients and their families vital access to the Internet for information sharing, entertainment, and keeping up with work.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Patients Turn to Social Networking Sites To Find Disease Treatments

I could think of some nightmares with this?

Patients Turn to Social Networking Sites To Find Disease Treatments
Patients are using social networking Web sites to share their experiences with certain diseases and learn about potential treatments. One Web site, called PatientsLikeMe, aims to speed the pace of research by sharing patients' medical records. CBS' "Evening News