Friday, February 29, 2008

NWT Telehealth celebrates 10th anniversary

Happy 10th Anniversary North West Territories Telehealth

2008 is the 10th Anniversary of NWT Telehealth. A momentous occasion that is worth

From NWT Telehealth:
Have we met our goals? Most of them, but not all. We are on the right track and our statistics are showing this as our usage continues to grow more each year. If we look at the types of services we are currently offering and receiving, we are well on our way; clinics are on the rise; physicians are becoming more involved; education is in high demand; and the general public is more aware of this technology and how it can benefit them. In 2007 NWT Telehealth, with 18 sites installed, performed 194 sessions per 10,000 population. The NWT still has several sites without Telehealth equipment and this needs to be rectified!

Canada Health Infoway Launches new web site

Canada Health Infoway has launched a new web site -
It features several short videos one of which entitled "Technology overcomes geography" clearly demonstrates the value of telehealth in delivering follow-up care at a distance.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Revolutionary vision – but will it work?

From - ic Wales - United Kingdom
Action: A telehealth system, which monitors Mrs Jones’s blood sugar levels twice day, is installed in the Jones’s home. The readings from the glucometer are ...
See -

The headline questions whether telehealth will work. Given the wealth of experience in providing 24/7 Nurse Help lines and chronic disease management services in other jurisdictions why would there be any doubt that such services can be just as viable in Wales?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Two articles of interest

Telemedicine Efforts Target Uninsured, Rural Hispanics

Use of telemedicine is becoming a more common way to treat chronic diseases among specific underserved populations, such as Hispanics. Two programs in California have had success using the technology to stave off development of more serious and costly conditions among people with diabetes.

Aetna and Cigna get an A+ from me for this!

Insurers Begin To Reimburse for Online Visits, Concerns RemainAetna and Cigna have recently begun reimbursing physicians for online visits in the hope that the technology will increase access and boost patient satisfaction. However, critics contend that online medical care could create ethical concerns, and patients and physicians remain uncertain about whether,1,6324838.story?ctrack=2&cset=true