Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Just saw a beautiful demo of Emota: emotional networking. Think isolated seniors, caregivers, family far away. Brilliant http://su.pr/1rnNux

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Med-Surg RN said...

After viewing the site for Emota, I was drawn in and attracted to its simplicity and the ability to connect emotionally with the elderly, for a variety of reasons. However, after doing a bit more reading, I found myself agreeing with Telecare Aware that is was almost infantile in its approach (http://www.telecareaware.com/index.php/emota-infantile-interface.html). After following the links to Remember it Now (http://rememberitnow.com/index.php), I was impressed with the many features it had to offer. In addition to assisting with medication reminders and supplying general support, it assisted with health care coordination, updates and was able to track statistics and test results. I was stunned to hear that it cost approximately 177 billion dollars in the United States just for medication non-compliance. Hopefully, programs such as Remember it Now, will become more popular and widely used, especially for the homebound.
Med-Surg RN.