Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Are Health Care Vendors Providing High-Quality IT Applications for Nurses?


The majority of nurses surveyed said vendors are not yet providing high-quality health care IT targeting nursing workflow. In addition, 64% of nurses said they were concerned that their facilities lacked the appropriate infrastructure to support point-of-care technology.

About one-third of nurses surveyed in September said they were ready to adopt computing applications at point of care. This represents a 325% increase from June 2004, when just 8% of nurse surveyed said they were ready. However, just 34% of nurses said their organizations are investing in point-of-care computing technology, down from 35% who said the same in June 2004.
Results are based on a September 2007 survey of 100 nurses and a June 2004 survey of 100 nurses.
Source: Spyglass Consulting Group

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